Software Development

Rococo has been strengthening our app development system for smart devices. As part of this, we have established development centers in Tokyo, Japan, and in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. Collaborating with the overseas partner corporation, we provide development services that leverage the time difference between the regions.

The number of smart device user such as smartphones and tablets has been continuously increasing because of their ease to carry and multiple functions. Accordingly, the market of smart device applications is also expanding and it offers great potential for further expansions as advertisements, coupons and map information, but also for business applications to manage customer information and schedules and sales tools.

Fee Structure of System Development

Outsourcing development
development service carried out at our company base
In line with your needs, we handle everything seamlessly from planning through construction to deployment. For construction, you can also arrange to have offshore development in one of our overseas locations.

Nearshore development
Development available at a local regional base, especially feasible in western Japan
By developing your system at a regional location in Japan, we can offer Japanese quality at a relatively low cost when compared to the Tokyo area.

Onsite development
Development services delivered by an resident engineer (PM/SE/PG)
Our engineer will be on loan to your company from design, development to test your system.

Offshore development
Development services carried out in Rococo’s overseas bases
Top-level staff are fluent in Japanese. Using this service, large-scale projects can be developed at low cost on a continuing basis. This service can also be utilized for maintaining, operating, and developing your project.

System Development Benefits

Guest engineer system (off-shore members’ resident development)
In order to secure highly precise quality cost delivery (QCD) offshore engineers who can communicate in Japanese go onsite at client’s company for 6-12months. They acquire further skills on the job while utilizing basic technical know-how, development flow, and professional expertise to perform tasks. The offshore member then continues the same job after repatriation. We offer the most dependable mode for establishing and expanding current offshore schemes.

Total support: development, operations, and managment
Rococo offers more than just development services. We can offer seamless service for our clients, from proposals for remedying problems arising from your application of our systems, to the structuring and running of your help desk.

The Strength of Rococo

Overseas development bases reduce costs and speed up delivery
●Offshore development conducted at our development center (Ningbo Rococo) in Zhejiang, China, and with partner companies in BRICS has dramatically cut costs.
●Development engineers at Ningbo Rococo are all full-time employees. Since SEs at Ningbo Rococo can speak both Japanese and Chinese and have excellent IT skills, there is no communication problem so that we can avoid communication loss likely happens in offshore development.
●Rococo conducts high-quality development activities by utilizing the most advanced development methods and techniques, while adapting to today's shortening product life cycles.

Main Customers

Beverage manufacture / Home appliance manufacture / Martial arts organization / Taxi company / Cosmetics manufacture / Print and publication company

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