Smartphone Biometric Authentication
Access Control System


Improve and make your business more efficient by using our simple and high security biometric authentication

Smartphone based biometric authentication

Authentication method is selectable other than face authentication, according to environment

Reduce identity verification procedure

Remarkably improve operational efficiency. Not necessary to present ID, business card or to fill document for application

Support cloud/on-premise

In addition to cloud/on-premise, able to cooperate with existing system by API linkage

Smooth entrance/exit

Smoothly access control since user authenticate themselves with their smartphone and hold QR code over scanner

Easy installation/space-saving

Large-scale equipment is not required due to smartphone based system

Prevent password leakage

Users biometric information will be the password


We invented the identity verification (authentication) application utilizing biometric authentication system

Assumed issue


Card type has difficulty when forgotten or lost the card


Password type is difficult to manage since password change is regularly required.


Wish to improve security level at seminar and event venue by low cost


Wish to firmly manage access control,action record, attendance management at 24/7 facility.

Various usage scenes

Access Control Flow

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