Digital ticket system implements biometric authentication

Realize smooth access control
State-of-the-art digital ticket system based on smartphone.

Basic flow

AUTH TICKET is a digital ticket solution implements state-of-the-art biometric authentication technology. It is able to introduce without large-scale equipment, only requires smartphones.

It realizes high precision authentication flow by minimizing the risk of ticket purchasers and users.


  • Prevents ticket forgery since ticket holder’s QR code transforms in every 3 seconds at earliest
  • Able to immediately confirm authentication result and seating information
  • Prevents ticket resale by latest technology (biometric authentication, dynamic QR code)
  • Easy installation with limited space due to the smartphone application-based system
  • Realizes smooth admission check by self-authentication by user
  • Not necessary to memorize ID and password
  • Queuing time is less since users display those tickets by authenticating themselves before admission
  • Prevents ticket loss or forgetting


Possible to provide much valuable membership service by combining with other solutions.
*Capable to cooperate with existing solutions used in your company

Other Scene

Biometric authentication technology used in AUTH TICKET is also available to other scenes where requires personal identification/access permission at access control.

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