Call Center

Rococo has been placed more than 10 years experienced call center at “Global Technical Center”. Over 40 of skilled operators will respond. From inbound to outbound, we are able to organize a system that to meet the needs of customers.

The information system department is responsible for promoting the strategic utilization of IT to improve management and strengthen competitiveness. However, the department often spends many of its daily work hours responding to system problems, conducting maintenance on terminals, and replying to inquiries from users. To against this backdrop, we propose outsourcing call center function from the point of view of improving information system department’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Call Center Introduction

Our Support System

We connect you to Rococo on a safe, reliable, and secure network via the Internet. This includes, of course, not just telephone and e-mail, but also remote support for your server, network, and computers.
  • Our operators respond to you while viewing the information on your screen, making support precise and efficient.
  • Operators with specialized know-how deal directly with your server and network problems, saving your time and effort
  • In case remote support doesn’t solve the problem, we provide support on site.

Options for Call Center Services

〈Full-time operator〉
Support specific client.
This service is suitable for clients who receive many inquiries or whose support is wide-ranging.
〈Multi-shared operator〉
Support multiple clients.
This service is geared for the client who, for example, usually receives about one inquiry per day, but needs to provide 24-hour support 365 days a year.


You can thus select a service type to suit the scale of support you require, allowing you to minimize unnecessary costs.


Tailored service for your needs


The advantages of using Our Call Center

01 We provide service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

You decide how many days, which days, and which time segments you need for our services.

02 We are a call center that also offers technical support

Our current core skills
Industry type:retail, food and beverage, cosmetics, nursing care insurance, communications (CATV), rentals
Skills:Home or small-scale office IT network support

03 We offer a shared service

You are free to opt for the number of lines that you require at the times you require them, allowing you to control your costs.

04 Support set-up is fast

While it depends on the scale of the service you require, we are generally able to set up support services in a minimum of a week.

Merit of using our call center


We are a low-cost, quality-assured hybrid center able to solve your company’s problems.

01 Reduce workload

Client can shift to core operation

02 Space

Utilize client’s office space efficiently

03 Reduce risk of personalization

Keep response rate regardless of staff’s sudden absence

04 SLO

Improve response rate and first contact resolution

05 Cut costs

Reduce operating expenses

06 Scalability

Extensible as client’s operation unit

The Strength of Rococo

A “Concierge Center” to respond Wide Range of Customer Requests

  • We provide flexible, high-quality one-stop service for first-level and second-level support operations.
  • Our 24-hour/365-day service responds to urgent user needs around the clock.
  • Operators with specialized knowledge represent client companies to build trusting relationships with customers.

Technology Backed by Certifications and Qualification

  • Many of our employees are fully qualified for Call Center operation.
  • We operate and manage Call Centers in accordance with specific management standards.

Main customers


Cable TV companies / SI vendors / Major home appliance companies / Telecommunications companies / Budget hotels / Real estate companies / Apparel companies / Cosmetics manufacturer

For request, inquiry, and quote, please feel free to contact us