Kitting Service

This is a service which provides immediately use of new PC & smart device when delivered.

We provide stable quality kitting with production facilities where able to kit 20,000 units per month and our original automation setting tool.

Domain related service

Implement customer’s line installation and domain participation process

Since lines and network equipment are housed and managed in a rack located in a room where access is controlled by biometric authentication, security measures are fully prepared and trustable.

Windows10 Upgrade Service


Windows10 expands many possibilities to utilize various smart devices, as well as strengthening security by updating to latest OS.
However, it is necessary to plan and prepare sufficiently for Windows 10 introduction which has a different nature from previous series.
At Rococo, we provide the one-stop service that is necessary for the introduction and transition of Windows 10 in the optimum way according to the environment, from the current environment survey, planning, master design, construction/deployment, operation and user support.


Replacement/new introduction of PC increases burden more than usual work, and takes a lot of labor and time.
Moreover, it may not be completed by the appointed date due to misconfiguration etc.
In Rococo, an engineering team with abundant installation achievements will carry out smoothly and accurately from equipment selection to delivery.
Needless to say, security measures and after-follow system are also thorough.
It is also able to respond to inquiries by phone or e-mail at the special help desk during the upgrade period and training for employees after introduction.
In addition, ITIL compliant PC-LCM can be implemented after migration.

WSUS design and construction service

It is a service to design and build Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to manage delivery of Windows as a Service of Windows 10.

The Strength of Rococo

Support for Multi-Vendor Environments
●Based on our vast experience, we provide services according to user system environments.

Support for Establishing Structures That Prevent System Problems
●Our staff summarize problem symptoms in monthly reports, analyze problem trends, and help customers take appropriate measures.

Main customers


Manufacturing companies / Private tutoring schools / IDC companies / ISP companies / Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) / Apparel FC headquarters
/ Educational corporations / Amusement facilities / Restaurant chains

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