Our automatic typesetting software allows quick and easy production of virtually any print media.

Based on this original product, we develop and supply products such as web systems, CMSs (Content Management Systems) and catalog databases to support "one source multi use" of corporate content.

Speedy information usage is becoming increasingly critical in all fields of business. Publishers are no exception. As websites and free papers are now commonly used to collect information, print media such as information magazines must ensure fresh information on a timely basis in order to survive the competition. Against this backdrop, cross media that use print media, the internet and e-books are widely promoted by today’s publishers.

Features & merits of METAWORKS


Automatically typesets high-quality layout using a design template made in InDesign by Adobe Inc, the industry de facto standard. Can output files in various print formats including of course InDesign native files, but also pdf amongst others.


Can be operated intuitively, requiring no programming knowledge. All settings are done in one screen. There is no need to turn the pages of our manual at each operation.



XML technology enables multiple functionalities such as data and template mapping, data conversion, data editing, and automatic typesetting. Our innovative GUI allows you to use the application without any awareness of XML.


Supports importing CSV, XML, EXCEL files as well as Access and FileMaker data files.
Limited Edition supports only CSV/XML/EXCEL


Automatic production of point-of-purchase advertisement (small lot multi types) and variable-data production of business cards, envelopes, or printing addresses on postcards will become incredibly smooth.  This also have massive effect on listing for production using a fixed layout with large number of page such as product catalogs or member lists.


You can easily produce large amounts of automatic typeset files, in one-action, by using the HotFolder function in the Standard Edition.

Challenges and Proposal

Customer issues


Limited staff can support DTP operation due to specialized skill is required.


Need to speed up the processes leading up to publication.


Want to reduce the DTP costs and improve quality.


Want to publish e-books to reduce distribution costs.

Solutions proposed by Rococo
Rococo's METAWORKS automatic typesetting software automates document production processes through simple operation.


Automates the design and production of printed materials with large amounts of information and those that require database links.


Adapts to any print media, ranging from ordinary printed materials and design-intensive information magazines containing illustrations to product catalogs and newspapers.


Allows smooth transfer of data sources to other media, such as websites and e-books for cross media use.

The Strength of Rococo

Solutions for printing industry – abundant experience in development including METAWORKS
●Users of METAWORKS range widely, from leading publishers and newspaper companies to small and medium-sized print companies, totaling more than 200 firms.
●Based on the know-how accumulated in the development of METAWORKS, we develop and offer automated catalog/newspaper automatic typesetting systems, advertisement/contract production systems and CMSs (Content Management Systems) for websites.

Using knowledge that Rococo accumulated through its DTP services since its foundation
●METAWORKS incorporates the know-how and technical expertise that Rococo has gained by supplying on-site DTP services to customers.
●GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces) that allow intuitive operation enable quick, easy, automated production of variety of documents, such as catalogs, leaflets and magazines.
●All necessary settings can be entered on a single screen, without referring to the operation manual.
●All processes—from loading data sources to executing automated layout design—can be completed in one stop
●Easy linkage with CSV, XML and Excel files as well as databases.

Main customers

Publishers / Printing companies / Manufactures / Major manufacturing companies / SI vendors / Medical institutions

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