PC-LCM Support

PCLM(PC-LCM) Overview

Total support for all stages from PC procurement to operation and disposal
We can conduct all types of activities on behalf of customers, including the purchase of PCs, kitting (installation of applications, setting of preferences parameters), supporting Help Desks for inquiries regarding installation and operation, response to failures, and deletion/erasure of data. In addition to simple tasks, we can also propose plans for ensuring consistent use of systems according to customer operation environments, thus supporting the improvement of systems through the PDCA cycle after the commencement of system operation. Our service releases customers from various tasks pertaining to PC operation and management, thus leading to more effective utilization of resources and lower cost.

The Strength of Rococo

  • Know-how on operation backed by experience
    Our services adapt to PCLM(PC-LCM) of various sizes, ranging from dozens to thousands of units, in a diversity of fields such as manufacturing, services and education.
  • Capability to handle large-scale, across-the-board projects
    We are capable of responding to large-scale system changes, such as changing parameters in more than 5,000 units for the purpose of business integration or security enhancement.

Main Customers


Major industry / Major portal site / Major household electric appliance manufacturer / Service industry / Incorporated school

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