Standardizing workflows and homogenizing services
integrating various service operations


It is often the case that service operational costs unnecessarily get bloated or service quality fluctuates in firms who have separate operations for each project, firms with high levels of personalized workflows owing to years of experience, or firms who have grown rapidly. “ServiceNow” is a cloud platform that provides service or operation management functions, and also “Business Management” function to aggregate and utilize those data. We are expanding on functions that can standardize and streamline workflow in extensive service operations for firms that are progressing with its global business development.

The biggest feature of “ServiceNow” is its ability to promote unifying workflow in a wide range of sections within a firm, from divisions providing services, customer services, human resources, general affairs, to information system departments. As it is possible to visualize workflows, manage service performance, and automatically generate executive reports, you can speedily grasp current issues and points for improvement. Rococo has been involved in the operations of ServiceNow as a development partner ever since it entered Japan and is gaining recognition as one of the limited partners domestically. Going forward, we will be training a large number of engineers in order to satisfy clients’ needs.

Main functions of ServiceNow


Incident management
You can search through previous inquiry histories, define SLA, linking with configuration management/ problem management/change management, escalate, and conduct trend analyses.


Configuration (asset) management

Automatically obtain configuration information (PC, server, etc.) and unitarily manage configuration, hardware structure, and software configuration. Can be used to reduce recovery time in case of failure, detect surplus/shortage of assets, or manage vulnerabilities.


Service Request

Supplies that employees use at work or various services that the IT department provides such as cloud resources can be requested/purchased through the service catalog. It can also deal with after-purchase status management.


Creating workflows

Build/visualize workflows of various internal applications and business processes. This will make it easier to grasp the situation with respect to progress.


Customer service management

Unlike conventional CRM-based customer service management, we offer a consistent management function from pursuing fundamental causes (problems) to specific service operations, as well as field services.


Security operation management

Collect information from sources – such as internal network security products, SIEM, vulnerability information provider service, or threat information (intelligence) provider service – standardly manage response processes as workflows during a security incident or when a vulnerability has been discovered.

Since the establishment of the Japanese subsidiary of ServiceNow (2013), we are one of the first partner firms. (Service Partner certification acquired)

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