“tike-fan” membership management/operation package


Provides establishment and operational support of Fan Club



Accessible from various electronic device(PC, smartphone, tablet)

Start UP construction


  • Lottery / Seat Assignment
  • EC website planning / production
    *Optional: Loyalty point program
  • Web server, database server
  • SSL environment
  • e-mail delivery function

Operational support


  • Content update
  • Customer inquiry management (email)
    *Phone correspondence for optional service
  • Aggregation / analysis report
  • Settlement substitute



Start up (minimum 30 days)

  • Schedule term in above is based on condition after all requirements are fixed
  • In case of 1,000 members


◆ Available for consultation regarding event planning, merchandise planning and production

◆ Below combination option is also available

Service Combination Option


Combining with other solution provided by Rococo , it enables to provide more valuable membership service
*Able to link with existing solution of your company.

Other Scene

We can respond to various demands whether you wish to hold customers or membership organization.

◆ For multi-store school and permanent facilities expansion such as museum etc.
◆ For company family club and family sale etc.

*"tike" and "tike-fan" are registered trademark of Rococo Co.,Ltd.

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