Flow of “tike-loto”

Original ticket lottery policy

◆ Wish to implement a lottery randomly and fairly

◆ Wish to prioritize good members & paid-members

◆ Wish to provide premium feeling to the member

◆ Wish to fill seat capacity during the performance period

We provide individual ticket lottery (and seat assignment), by setting conditions for each event & date with considering application situation and organizers policy.



Following options are available

◆ e-mail delivery of lottery result

◆ Providing spread sheet based on each lottery condition

◆ Proposal for unique lottery policy

◆ Proposal for unique seat assignment policy

◆ Providing seat map

Service Combination Option


Combining with other solutions provided by Rococo , it enables to provide more valuable membership service

*Able to cooperate with existing solution of your company.

Other Scene

Event for 100-300 attendants

◆ Invitational event: movie preview, etc.
◆ Business scene: Seminar, lecture, etc.
◆ Sales promotion scene: Gift campaign, etc.

Large scale event more than 10,000 attendants

◆ Large scale event: Exhibition, event organized by local government
◆ Business scene: Deciding booth position at exhibition etc.
◆ Sightseeing and festival scene: seat assignment for outdoor event

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Business Partner Recruitment

We are looking for business partners who could cooperate with the Rococo’s solutions