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Able to choose online payment or on-site payment depending on usage scene of customer, which contribute to improve customer satisfaction



① Payment methods

Not only major payment methods such as credit card and convenience store payment, this service also provides QR code payment which corresponds to onsite sales


② Effective approach to users

Direct approach to user by messaging and pushing notification


③ High data processing capacity

Prepared multiple connected line for credit card payment. Able to expand the line by confirming instantaneous maximum value of theroughput


④ System combines flexible extensibility and reliability

System constructed based on financial standard is available for 24/7 Designed and addressed to additional service & security requirement


⑤ High quality support structure

Able to reduce daily operational cost & risk of unprocessed payment from the administration screen that can confirm settlement information, processing, and batch file process


⑥ Reliable security

◆Not retaining credit card information
◆Able to configure self-verification service (3D secure)
◆Transform credit card information to another character string by token function (Tokenization)
◆Provide SSL server certificate



Start up in minimum 60 days

  • Schedule is based on after confirming requirements


Multi-currency credit card payment
Not connecting to international payment service, Making payment by local currency. Enter sales amount in Japanese Yen.

Remittance Service
Enables to implement remittance by only providing email address, not necessary to collect actual bank account information of customer.

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