Feature of “tike-pri”

We produce memorable ticket for the users utilizing variable / on-demand printing. This service is also applicable to business usage such as ticket for invitational event and lecture.


We acheive your requests such as "only printing necessary quantity, "change design by group, organization, and company".


Only printing required quantity, no waste


Enables to create premium design ticket
★ Full color
★ White toner
★ Foil print

Prevent forgery

Prevent forge by using special toner
★ Clear toner
★ Fluorescent toner

Quick delivery

Complete in minimum 5 business days after final design data is provided
*In case printing less than 1,000 without using special printing


One to One design
Batch production of package
/ envelope Achieve originality & visibility

★ Loss prevention etc.

Additional Information

Able to print valuable information &
advertisement based on each customer
information & purchased seat information

Flow of ticket production


Deliver within minimum 8 business days(*)

Standard specification

Other Scene

Invitational event

Movie preview event

Business scene

Seminar & lecture event

*"tike" and "tike-pri" are registered trademark of Rococo Co.,Ltd.

For request, inquiry, and quote, please feel free to contact us

Business Partner Recruitment

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