Service flow of “tike-uke"


◆ Application/reception function from PC, smartphone and tablet as standard function

◆ Accepts 5,000 applications per hour for standard performance, also able to enhance reception function
◆ Domain is designated for “tike-uke" service

◆ By combining with other solutions provided by Rococo…

  • One stop operation from application, reception to payment
  • Conduct fair lottery for sequencing, seat assignment, and send the result
  • Ticket production and shipping after lottery

◆ Enables to check application result on a real-time basis by using administrative function


  • Aggregation by applicants' attribute (gender, age group, region)

◆ Easy to customize based on your request

◆ Able to manage real-time attendance No. and record by using attendance management application(optional)


Concert, Fan meeting, Museum etc.

Business Scene
Regular forum, seminar etc.


Minimum 5 business days to start accepting application

*For same event format, or similar event will only take 3 business days


◆ Prior application function for membership

◆ Payment function

◆ Questionnaire function

◆ Automatic seat assignment function

◆ Ticket & merchandise choosing function

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Business Partner Recruitment

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