Attendance Management System [Times]

English compatibility, history management, Article 36 agreement management, etc., “Easy-to-use and multi-functional” attendance management system

High-performance attendance management system, “Times” is compatible with various labor regulations or work styles of both Japanese and foreign companies. As well as conventional time card function, online punch clock, IC cards or vein authentication are also possible. The Article 36 Agreement concluded by the Labor Agreement can be configured at the fiscal year, flagging employees who are likely to exceed the maximum permitted working hours under the Agreement and can display alerts or send emails for special clause applications. The reason for its popularity amongst foreign companies is that it is one of the few Japanese attendance management systems that displays in English. By configuring the system using a language file through the simple task of selecting a language at login, it is possible to use any language in the world.

The feature used by firms in which personnel changes or organizational changes occur frequently is the history management function. You can register the organization to be transferred to in advance, and as it is possible to conduct approval work from previous organizations and affiliations after the transfer, confusion can be avoided between managers of previous departments and current departments. Usability, which many HR staff are concerned with, is outstanding. Owing to its intuitive interface, and as it only requires entry/application by target dates, we receive feedback such as “it’s led to a reduction in workload because there aren’t too many things that require explanation when introducing the system”. That it is used regardless of industry/business type or company size owes to the choice being available between on-premise type and cloud service. Customization can be done freely and the support that developers directly offer are also reviewed highly based on speedy responses. If your firm aims to streamline attendance management, then please consider introducing our services.

Main function of Times

01 Various ways for approval

  • All applications are conducted via “click target date”
  • Linking substitute holidays and holiday shifts enables to grasp acquisition status at a glance.

05 Article 36 Agreement management function

  • Article 36 Agreement regulated under the Labor Agreements can be configured at the fiscal year level
  • Display alerts to employees who exceeded the time limit allowed under Article 36 Agreement.

02 Japanese/English correspondency

  • Japanese and English displays are supported as standard
  • Languages aside from English are also supported through configuration using language files

06 Handling workload management function

  • Can manage workloads for projects
  • Making reports for reducing workloads on employees

03 IC card or vein authentication etc., support for various punch clock

  • Time card, IC card, online/mobile punch clock are supported
  • It is possible to introduce vein authentication systems

07 Function to send out email

  • When an employee submits an application or at end-of-the-month approval times an email will be sent out to the approver
  • An email reminder to promote registration will be sent out to employees whose application has not progressed

04 Master management function such as history management of organization/previous affiliation

  • Reduce work on the day of transfer by registering organizations to be transferred to in advance
  • In the case that transfer registration is delayed, it will be handled by selecting an approver for the employee.

08 Strong support structure

  • Support members are all developers who are well-versed in Times and attendance management
  • Supports exporting various data related to attendance management

Main Customers


Maruhan Corporation (13,000 employees) / AEON MALL Co., Ltd. (2,000 employees) / a city bank (25,000 employees) / a local bank (3,000 employees)
/ IT related firm (4,000)
Pharmaceutical development sub-contractor (6,000 employees) / news agency (700 employees) / foreign car manufacturer (400 employees)
/ specialized trading firm (400 employees) / foreign electronics parts retailer (200 employees)
Foreign semi-conductor manufacturer (200 employees) / professional baseball team (100 employees) / golf course (1,500 employees)
/ foreign precision optical instruments retailer (60 employees)

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