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Corporate Philosophy/Origin of Name

Shashin (corporate heart or mind (kokoro) in English) Everything is built on a foundation of trust.

Rococo is derived from the Japanese word Kokoro, which means “ heart” or “mind” in English. Rococo is an anagram of Kokoro. We named the company Rococo to reflect how the company serves its customers with a sincere heart.

We call our corporate philosophy Shashin (社心), which means “corporate heart or mind (Kokoro) in English,” to express the belief that everything is built on a foundation of trust. The foundation in this philosophy refers to the foundations of Japanese castles, which are made of solid stone. We believe no business transactions in the world are ever made without a foundation -- or trust. On this foundation, we place a heart that seeks customer satisfaction, originality and ingenuity, and customer gratification. In our corporate philosophy, this kind of heart will allow us to grow with grace.