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Message from the President

Evolving into a Service Integrator that Provides Solutions Driven by Both People and Technology.

Progress in IT technology is non-stop. Companies need to maximize their use of this resource to grow and to enhance their business efficiency. The use of IT technology also significantly affects corporate competitiveness in today's business world. As information becomes increasingly important, companies need to not only utilize technology but also maintain the security of personal information in order to gain trust from society.

Since its establishment in 1994, Rococo has conducted business in accordance with a mission to ensure the rational, efficient management of information, communication and human resources. We have responded to the diverse needs of world-leading companies and clients, thus establishing a solid reputation in the industry. Our core management resources are “people.” Based on the notion that people are more important than anything, we provide extensive employee education that focuses on social manners and mental attitudes that foster polite and respectful individuals.

Based on this principle, Rococo has provided solutions through its IT specialists, who are not only seasoned and knowledgeable but also trustworthy. Our fields of expertise range widely — from the development of software, web systems and IT systems to services such as system operation, dispatching residential technicians, PCLM, and 24/7 Help Desks in Japanese, English and Chinese, as well as specialized business process outsourcing for DTP and data input. We have developed an original product, METAWORKSTM, that automates DTP production processes. And we focus on developing applications for devices such as smartphones and tablets. Achievements such as these allow us to steadily expand our business.

We are also building a comprehensive network to serve the growing Asian market. In 2005, we established a wholly owned subsidiary in Shanghai, China. This was followed by an offshore base in Ningbo, China, in 2009, and another in Manila, the Philippines, in 2011. Through efforts such as these, we continue to expand our customer base centering on Japanese global enterprises.

To further strengthen our global development, we formed an alliance with Ci&T, the first IT company in Brazil to achieve CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 5 certification, an international standard for evaluating and determining the maturity level of organizations engaged in software development. Collaborating with Ci&T's Development Center in Brazil, we are engaged in high-quality, high cost-performance development projects. We will continue to promote the synergy of our partnership with Ci&T, and work to achieve further growth in the Asia-Pacific region. We consistently challenge the development of new services, aiming to become the kind of service integrators that can propose optimal services by combining software and innovative solutions. Through these efforts, we are committed to providing high-quality services that will help to further build and strengthen customer trust.

Kazuhiko Hasegawa, President and Representative Director