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Key Strength No. 2—A Global Network Japan x China x Philippines x Brazil Expanding Our Global Network for 24/7 Operation

Working closely with offshore bases established in China in 2005 and the Philippines in 2011, we are actively developing a system that combines high quality with high cost-performance. By also collaborating with Ci&T's Development Center in Brazil, we are able to leverage time-zone differences to provide round-the-clock, 24-hour development.


Achieving High Quality and Speed, with Low Cost

Taking advantage of a long history of offshore development, Rococo Ningbo Software Co., Ltd. uses a turnkey operation -- from the planning stage all the way to upstream design, development and maintenance -- to provide the systems that its clients demand with high quality and low cost.
Bridge SE and a team of Chinese engineers with cutting-edge IT expertise participate from the upstream design stage to meet client needs through an integrated systems process that extends from development to follow-up maintenance.


A Systems Development Base for Web and Mobile Products

Rococo Global Technologies Corporation is the company's second largest offshore development center following the Rococo facility in China. It focuses on the development of mainly web and mobile applications for overseas Japanese enterprises and other global corporations.


Sharing Ci&T's World-Class Development Expertise

Working closely with the Ci&T Development Center in Brazil, we are able to share their creative marketing skills and advanced technical development know-how. By also formulating a development system that utilizes the time difference between Brazil and Japan, we achieve extremely short development turnaround times.

Rococo's Global Network