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Key Strength No. 3—Total Solutions Development x Operation x Help Desk x Call Center x PCLM x Training x BPO Solid Support with Services Extending from Development to Operation and Training

Simply developing a system does not necessarily make it usable. Rococo is prepared to handle full-scale operation following development, and to go a large step further by building and operating a Help Desk to respond to end user inquiries, providing a Call Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and training. Solid support through services such as these ensures that clients will be able to maximize the use of their systems. On-site service contracts are also available.

Total Support for the IT Infrastructure Lifecycle

Rococo works from the planning stage all the way to upstream design, development and maintenance to provide the systems that its clients demand with high quality and low cost. And it does not limit itself to application development. As a reliable IT partner, Rococo offers a wide and versatile range of services, including the introduction of PCs and network devices, lifecycle management for IT equipment to handle inventory control, and measures to support data security.

Main Services
  • SaaS provision
  • System operation, system support
  • Large-scale PCLM
  • Help desks
  • Call centers
  • Data entry
  • End user training
  • Outsourcing of back office operations
  • DTP operation
  • Web service localizing
  • Database marketing