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Key Strength No. 4—Quality Control Systems CMMI x ISMS x ISO 9001 x ISO 27001 x PrivacyMark Individual Sincerity Produces Inspirational Quality

As the importance of information increases, achievement of the technology and security needed to protect personal information has taken on an equal measure of importance. In response to this, Rococo has established an Information Security Management System based on the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, and actively provides the training necessary to ensure the reliability of its staff. These efforts have been highly evaluated by Rococo customers.

Quality Control System Certification

20000972(02) JISQ15001

ISO9001 & ISO/IEC27001

  • Management System for Personal Information Protection,
    JISQ15001: 2006

    Certificate No. 20000972 (02)
  • Information Security Management System, ISO/IEC 27001: 2005
    • Certificate Numbers
      UKAS: 02234-2009-AIS-KOB-UKAS
      JIPDEC: 02235-2009-AIS-KOB-JIPDEC
    • Certification Range
      Development of the Business Application, Call Center Management and System Operation Support in accordance with the latest version of the Statement of Applicability.
  • Quality Management System, ISO9001:2008
    • Certificate Numbers
      UKAS: 02369-2010-AQ-KOB-UKAS
      JAB: 02370-2010-AQ-KOB-JAB
    • Certification Range
      Development of the Business Application, Call Center Management, Design and Management Work of System Operation Support.