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Introduction Examples

Efficient IT System Management and Operation with a Total
Service Covering the Entire Lifecycle of the System

Customer Issue

A pressing need to streamline the management and operation of a quickly growing IT system

A leading electronics manufacturer was installing around 300 new computers and other OA devices per month as its growing IT system increased the need for equipment. This led to an urgent need to install, set up and maintain the new devices, and to dispose of old devices that were no longer in use. It was imperative to develop an efficient management and operation system.

Rococo Solution

Supplying a total service that covers the entire lifecycle of the system — from procurement to disposal

PCLM Support System

We started providing user support to solve this customer's problem. In response to a request for procuring equipment, we settled on a supplier by receiving estimates from two companies that were designated by the customer, and also concluded a contract with a lease company. Next, we completed the initial settings by installing applications and configuring printers, and then set up the equipment on site to make it immediately usable. When the equipment entered actual use, we received around 5,500 requests per month for help related to operating procedures and troubleshooting, and installed security measures. We also recovered equipment that was no longer needed, deleted all data from it, and properly disposed of it. In this way, we provided a total service throughout the lifecycle of the system.

Effects and Future Potential

Efficient management and operation result in customer satisfaction and help to lower costs

This user support provided a low-cost solution to the customer's need to efficiently manage and operate its IT system. From now on, the customer can continue to expect the smooth installation and set-up of some 300 pieces of equipment per month, a comfortable usage environment, and proper equipment disposal. The customer will also continue to enjoy greater satisfaction and lower costs.

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