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App Development Solutions

Rococo is revamping its app development system for smart devices. As part of this, in 2009 Rococo established Ci&T Software S.A. jointly with a CMMI-5 company in Brazil. We have also established development centers in Tokyo, Japan, and in Ningho, Zhejiang, China. These two centers collaborate with the development center in Brazil to provide development services that leverage the 12-hour time difference between the regions.


Users of smart devices such as smartphones and tablets have been continuously increasing in number because those products are so easy to carry around and offer a host of useful functions. In tandem with this growing user base, the market for smart device applications is also expanding. This market offers great potential for further expansion, as demand is expected to grow not only for general user applications, e.g., advertisements, coupons and map information, but also for business applications to manage customer information and schedules, and to serve as sales tools.

Issues and solutions

Customer issues

  • Advertisements do not produce desired effects.
  • We want to develop the optimal tools for our company.
  • We want to speed up our customer response.
  • It's difficult for each of our sales reps to carry around catalogs and samples at all times.
  • We want something to replace dedicated game machines or polling systems.

Solutions proposed by Rococo

Based on know-how accumulated in developing more than 1,000 applications, we propose and develop apps that match the needs of each customer. We have particular expertise in developing information systems for which users demand ongoing advances.

  • Push advertising
  • 3D product catalogs
  • Applications for digital publication
  • And more...

Rococo's strengths


Overseas development bases reduce costs and speed up delivery

  • Offshore development conducted at our development center (Shanghai Rococo) in Shanghai, China, and with partner companies in BRICS has dramatically cut costs.
  • Development engineers at Shanghai Rococo are all full-time employees. Since SEs at Shanghai Rococo can speak both Japanese and Chinese and have excellent IT skills, there are none of the communication problems that tend to crop up in other offshore development projects.
  • Rococo conducts high-quality development activities by utilizing the most advanced development methods and techniques, while adapting to today's shorter product life cycles.

Over 1,000 successful cases achieved through the partnership with Ci&T

  • About Ci&T
  • Process & Methodology of Ci&T
  • Examples of Ci&T: Coca-Cola

Main customers

  • Major beverage manufacturers
  • Major home appliance manufacturers
  • Major martial arts organizations
  • Major taxi companies

Products developed and delivered

  • Electronic medical record applications
    Linkage with existing backbone systems for management of motion images, electronic data (such as medical records) and patient rooms
  • 3D product catalog applications
    Product catalog function, 3D product descriptions
  • Map information applications for nonlife insurance companies
    Linkage with map information, guide to nearby retailers
  • Coupon applications for retailers
    2D-barcode compatibility, product introduction, coupon issuance
  • Applications for publishers
    Publication applications
  • Game-related applications
    Push advertising
  • Comfort-enhancement applications
    Purchase promotion, notification function
  • Applications for beverage manufacturers
    Push advertising
  • SNS applications
    Linkage with SNS for user expansion
  • Construction of sites for mobile terminals