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BPO Solutions

Rococo's base in China handles a wide range of operations, including text data production, DTP operation, product database construction and website updating. High-quality services are provided quickly at low cost.


In all business fields, companies are striving to speed up their operations while curtailing costs. To that end, many companies are outsourcing operations such as the input of text data and the input and management of huge amounts of product information. Rococo's base in China has handled these operations from early on, and has successfully reduced the cost of operation. We have a long track record, and the quality and promptness of our services are highly evaluated.

Issues and solutions

Customer issues

  • We spend many hours and considerable labor expense to enter handwritten information on invoices, questionnaires, etc. into the computer.
  • We'd like to produce catalogs and pamphlets more cheaply.
  • We want to build a product database and link it to our website and applications for smart devices.

Solutions proposed by Rococo

- Services -

  • Text data creation
    We convert handwritten information on invoices, questionnaires, etc., into text data.
  • DTP operation
    We provide DTP services for producing paper-based materials such as catalogs and pamphlets.
  • Production of printing parts
    We can produce printing parts by cutting out images and photos or by tracing.
  • CG production
    We can produce CG images for use in lieu of studio photos. We can also create 3D images of bird's-eye views and room interiors.
  • Chinese-to-Japanese and Japanese-to-Chinese translation (simplified Chinese/traditional Chinese)
    We offer Japanese-to-Chinese and Chinese-to-Japanese translation service. Our Japanese staff brush up all translations from Chinese to provide natural Japanese.

- Solutions -

  • Database solutions
    We produce text data from unscannable paper documents such as product specifications in catalogs. And we create product databases in CSV or XML to suit customer needs. We are able to automate paper-based catalog production, and enable the linkage of catalogs with websites or applications for smart devices.

    <Case History 1>

    • We extracted product information from paper-based catalogs and created a CSV-format database.
    • We used our METAWORKS desktop publishing software to automate the formatting process in InDesign, thus enabling systematized catalog updates.

    <Case History 2>

    • We extracted product information from paper-based catalogs, and created an XML-tagged database.
    • We output the database in a paper-based catalog format and an on-the-web catalog format.
    • We produced product images for a website by resizing/renaming product image data for paper-based catalogs.
  • Web solutions
    For websites that are too complex for automated updating, Rococo's base in China can also perform website updating work. For e-commerce websites, we provide a full range of services, including the production of product data.
    For websites for the Chinese market, we offer a broad range of services, ranging from housing and data updating to translation of inquiries by e-mail.
  • China printing solutions
    By utilizing our partner companies in China, we offer printing services together with DTP services.

Rococo's strengths


40% to 60% Cost Reductions

  • We established subsidiaries in China early in our company history, and have accumulated expertise in data input services.
  • This has allowed us to achieve cost reductions of 40% to 60%.

A Thorough Security System Backed by "P" Mark Certification

  • We scan original paper documents such as questionnaires, and send the scanned images to our base in China.
  • We encrypt data before transmission to disable viewing by third parties.
  • We implement thorough security measures, including PC access controls and fingerprint authentication, for restricted rooms.

Staff with Knowledge of Japanese Language and Japan

  • The Chinese operators at our base in China have studied Japanese language in university and received basic training to acquire basic knowledge of Japan.

Main customers

  • Major publishers
  • Major trading firms
  • Major educational corporations
  • Major printing companies
  • Major shopping centers

Products developed and delivered

  • Input of invoice data: 20,000 cases/month
  • Input of catalog information: 50,000 cases
  • Production of catalogs: 1,200 pages
  • Image cutout/tracing: 300 cases/month
  • Input of tenant information: 2,000 cases/month
  • Input of medical questionnaire results: 2,000 cases
  • Production of leaflets: 8 sheets (A4 size) per month x 4 types