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Resident Engineer Services

Rococo's technical staff members work directly in the information systems department of a customer's company and provide IT support in line with the latest technologies. Our service not only solves shortages of personnel and skilled employees, but also reduces laborious tasks for customers, thus helping to improve business efficiency.

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The Ability to Respond to Various Work Types—Ranging from Tasks Requiring IT Skills to Routine Work

Rococo's resident staff are capable of responding to a wide range of work types. They can provide support for system construction, propose system improvement and expansion, monitor networks, and manage systems and IT assets for customers. In addition to tasks requiring specialized skills, they can also handle routine work and time-consuming tasks such as data input.

Services That Stay Abreast of the Latest Technological Trends

Our highly skilled experts perform various tasks that allow customers to concentrate on their core businesses. Additionally, Rococo has established a system to enable staff members to share the latest information on technology. This allows us to provide services that reflect the latest technological trends.

Rococo's strengths


Support for System Installation and Upgrading

  • We provide support for installation and upgrading of systems such as security systems, asset management systems and knowledge databases.

Main customers

  • Publishers
  • ISP companies
  • Traveler service companies
  • Developer
  • POS manufacturers
  • Major telecommunications companies
  • Financial institutions

Products developed and delivered

  • Operation and management support
    User Help Desks, client PC management, etc.
  • ISP Call Centers
    Help Desks at customer support centers, reception work such as subscription
  • DTP support
    DTP operations such as editing
  • Call Centers for POS systems
    Help Desk for inquiries regarding POS systems from stores
  • User support
    Help Desk for backbone system operations, production of operation manuals and provision of operation instructions for backbone systems
  • System development support
    Support for POS system development
  • Marketing/technical support
    Marketing and technical support (formulation of plans, production of proposal documents, proposal-making)
  • Customer Centers
    Call reception, telemarketing