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Help Desk Services

Many man-hours are required to internally handle daily inquiries regarding PCs and systems. To solve this problem, Rococo dispatches dedicated Help Desk staff to customer sites. Our skilled staff respond promptly and accurately to user inquiries.

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Our Staff Not Only Respond to Inquiries But Also Analyze the Response History and Propose Improvements

Rococo can assign dedicated staff to each customer to respond to inquiries from users and general consumers. Our staff provide first-level support for inquiries received through various channels, such as telephone, e-mail and onsite, and also escalate inquiries to the next level when necessary, accept and process applications, manage user information and prepare FAQ. They further manage the history of all responses using an original Rococo database, and then analyze the accumulated data and make proposals for improvements. This frees customers from having to respond to inquiries, allowing them to concentrate on their main business. As a result, it helps customers improve both efficiency and productivity.

Dedicated Staff with Advanced IT Skills Help to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Rococo's Help Desk staff are versed in Microsoft's server systems and Office tools. In addition, they are knowledgeable about business applications such as POS systems for retailers. This lets them respond to inquiries promptly and accurately, and helps to boost customer satisfaction.

Rococo's strengths


Extensive Experience in Serving Various Business Types and Styles

  • We provide 24-hour/365-day Help Desk service for various types of customers, including major electric/electronic manufacturers, travel service companies and Internet service providers.
  • Based on a wealth of experience, we assign personnel with appropriate skills to achieve high-quality, efficient Help Desk operation.

Support for Establishing Structures That Prevent System Problems

  • Our staff summarize problem symptoms in monthly reports, analyze problem trends, and help customers take appropriate measures.

Main customers

  • Cable TV companies
  • SI vendors
  • Major home appliance companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Traveler service companies
  • Budget hotels
  • Real estate companies
  • Apparel companies
  • POS manufacturers
  • Financial institutions

Products developed and delivered

  • Call Centers for internal Help Desks
    Response to problems pertaining to Windows OS, networks, peripheral equipment, Office applications, Notes, etc.
  • Call Centers for auditors
    Response to problems in audit systems using mobile terminals, setup of mobile terminals, and management of substitution units
  • Call Centers for franchise recycled children's clothing store POS systems
    Response to POS system problems, and management and shipment of maintenance equipment
  • User support
    Help Desk for backbone system operations, production of operation manuals and provision of operation instructions for backbone systems