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Network and Server Configuration and Operation Services

Rococo maximizes its extensive experience and advanced technical expertise to provide services to configure, operate and monitor company networks and servers, as well as to respond to failures and improve security measures. We can manage multi-vendor environments and flexibly meet the specific needs of each customer.

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Providing Solutions for Network and Server Problems

We provide accurate proposals and measures to solve various customer issues pertaining to network/server configuration, operation, monitoring and failure response. We also offer a variety of security measures. These services are rendered by technical staff who have in-depth knowledge and practical experience in designing, establishing and operating WAN and LAN networks and peripheral equipment such as routers and switching hubs, and who also have extensive experience in designing, configuring and operating Windows and UNIX servers.

Rococo's strengths


Support for Multi-Vendor Environments

  • Based on our vast experience, we provide services according to user system environments.

Main customers

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Private tutoring schools
  • IDC companies
  • ISP companies
  • Nonprofit organizations (NPOs)
  • Apparel FC headquarters
  • Educational corporations
  • Amusement facilities
  • Restaurant chains

Products developed and delivered

  • Existing network monitoring tools, server monitoring tools
  • Facility-side Internet connection, VPN router replacement
  • Proposal of new design in conjunction with review of existing NW environments
  • Installation of anti-virus servers for shopping centers
  • Clustering of RH Linux servers
  • Installation of asset management tools
  • Construction of backbone system servers
  • Construction of web POP servers for franchise stores
  • Construction of servers for distribution of content to general consumers (Linux servers、MySQL、SSL)