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System Development Services

Leveraging our expertise in the development of systems for managing and using corporate and other content (information assets), we develop original systems that meet or exceed customer demands. We provide solutions pertaining to content management and cross media (websites, print media, etc.). And we propose optimal development systems to each customer, such as resident development, offshore development and agile development, according to the desired system size, development cost and development period.

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Entrusted development

We develop smart-media-compatible web systems and information systems according to customer requests. To adapt to shortening life cycles, Rococo uses the most advanced development methods and techniques to reduce development periods and raise quality.

Resident development

Our skilled engineers stay in the customer's company to design and develop systems and to conduct follow-up activities.

Offshore development

Rococo established an offshore base in Shanghai in 2005 and another in Ningho, China, in 2009 to conduct high-quality development activities with reduced cost. In 2011 we also established a new base in the Philippines. Rococo responds to development needs in Japan, China and other Asian countries as well as countries in Europe.

Nearshore development

Rococo conducts nearshore development using its domestic development bases located mainly in the western part of Japan. Since these development bases are closer than those used in offshore development, response is fast should any problems arise.

Development based on analyzing existing systems

We analyze systems developed by other vendors or by the customers themselves, and identify problems and improvement measures. We propose system development/improvement plans that enhance corporate competitiveness; for example, by making complex systems "visible" and streamlining IT asset management.

Rococo's strengths


An agile development system that allows early-stage verification of functions by customers and responds flexibly to changes in specifications

  • An agile development system allows us to divide each development project into short time segments (two weeks to one month) and develop a system and applications in each segment. We then repeat this development cycle to complete the entire system.
  • The agile development system lets us start developing items with high priority. It also lets the customer verify functions at an early stage of development.
  • Since this development method can adapt to change and the addition of specifications, we can respond quickly to changes in customer needs and business conditions.

High-performance offshore development

  • Offshore development based on our development center (Shanghai Rococo) in Shanghai, China, and through BRICS partners dramatically reduces costs.
  • Development engineers at Shanghai Rococo are all full-time employees. Since SEs at Shanghai Rococo can speak both Japanese and Chinese and have excellent IT skills, there are none of the communication problems that tend to crop up in other offshore development projects.

System design geared toward cross media compatibility

  • We can develop systems that enable content sharing and secondary use of content for cross media, based on our know-how and experience in developing applications for smartphones, CMSs for websites and desktop publishing systems.

Main customers

  • Major home appliance manufacturers
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Major manufacturing companies
  • Nursing-care-related equipment manufacturers

Products developed and delivered

  • Sub-system construction
    Creation of sub-systems based on existing system know-how
  • Server migration
    Server migration and security enhancement in conjunction with upgrades of outdated platforms
  • System reconstruction
    Upgrade of existing systems to new systems with added-value
  • Planning/implementation support
    Support for planning and implementation activities
  • Adaptation to organizational changes
    Updates of systems to reflect organizational changes
  • Technical information management systems (PDM)
    Design/product/configuration management systems for manufacturers
  • Production/sales inventory management systems
    For home appliance manufacturers and welding machine manufacturers
  • Knowledge management system construction
    Construction of information-sharing intranet sites