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At the Forefront of Offshore Development — From China Systems Conceived in the Japanese Language Are Created with World-Recognized Technical Expertise at Our Advanced Offshore Base in China

Meeting a variety of printing and publishing needs by applying an original automatic formatting software.

Ningbo is about a 3-hour drive via expressway from Shanghai. This is the home of Rococo Ningbo Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Ningbo Rococo), the Chinese base that oversees Rococo's offshore development.

Ningbo Rococo focuses on developing software for printing and IT applications jointly with Japan's leading printing companies, based mainly on METAWORKS, Rococo's original formatting software.

METAWORKS is an easy, efficient and fast software for composing pages that have relatively fixed formats, such as general purpose tables, variable pages* and freely drafted pages. It is widely used by printing and publishing companies for information magazines and newspapers.

Ningbo Rococo also has a long track record of achievements in developing plug-ins for Adobe applications, and a variety of Website-related media.

This development expertise is supported by a solid technological foundation. The company has received CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) level 3 certification, which is three levels from the topmost certification level. CMMI is an international standard model for assessing the maturity of development processes. In each development project, all members proceed according to firmly established development guidelines and procedures to ensure top-quality system development.

*Variable pages are used in direct mail or similar applications, where the content can be exchanged while using the same layout.

Dispatching members to Japan helps to break through the language barrier and cultivate a Japanese perspective.

Offshore development calls for a high level of technical expertise and one more thing -- the ability to communicate in Japanese.

As a means of improving this ability, Japanese is the official language at Ningbo Rococo. In addition, university instructors visit the company twice a week to hold Japanese language classes. Team leaders who have attained high levels of Japanese communication are selected as bridge SE.

These leaders also visit Japan on a regular basis, where they work at a Rococo facility in Japan, or on projects for the company's clients. This helps to further raise their Japanese skills, and allows them to absorb a Japanese-like perspective through hands-on work experience, so they can take this newfound knowledge back to China. Based on Japanese business practices and concepts, this leads to the development of higher-quality software.

Ordinary engineers are also regularly sent in small groups to be stationed at client facilities. Again, this provides an opportunity for them to enhance their Japanese language skills while learning about user operations. This system creates an environment in which these members are able to share a common awareness with their Japanese counterparts, right down to tiny but important details.

Collaborating with another Rococo subsidiary to enhance the brand and move to new and higher stages.

Today, Rococo is engaged in a new operation — collaborating with Rococo Ningbo Software Co., Ltd. (Ci&T Rococo), another Chinese subsidiary.

Ci&T Rococo is a joint venture that was established in 2009 by Ci&T, a Brazilian IT enterprise, and Rococo. Employing advanced, agile development methods, Ci&T Rococo specializes in developing website and mobile applications.

The agile method starts by developing parts of a project that the client wants to use as soon as possible, and then working toward completing the final, ideal system. This method is attracting widespread attention for use in IT development, such as websites and mobile applications, where it is often necessary to view reactions to the developed results and modify them accordingly.

As part of this collaboration, Ningbo Rococo is dispatching engineers to Ci&T Rococo. Here, they learn about the agile method, which is a Ci&T specialty, and gain website and mobile development knowledge based on the method.

By accumulating this new development method in-house and expanding the company's development range, Ningbo Rococo is also enhancing the brand. The aim is clear: to become the top vendor for Japanese companies who are looking for website and mobile system development.

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