IT Solution

Rococo's various solution services that have anticipated
the needs of society and given form to them

IT Outsourcing

Creating new value through comprehensive support for IT services

  • ・Engineers always available
  • ・Outsource your developments
  • ・PC-LCM
  • ・Device set-up (kitting) services
  • ・Building IT infrastructure


Integrate internal processes to improve productivity

Microsoft Products

Integrated with Microsoft services

  • ・Microsoft Power Platform
  • ・Microsoft Dynamics 365


Specialist consulting center open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • ・Help Desk
  • ・Customer Center

Facial Recognition systems

The user’s face becomes an access key Smooth ingress and egress without additional equipment or an ID

  • ・Face Recognition Access Control System"AUTH thru"
  • ・Face Recognition Access Control System + Electric Lock"AUTH thru KEY"

Employee Attendance Management

Attendance management systems for an era of diverse working practices

  • ・Employee attendance management System"RocoTime"
  • ・Using facial recognition for clocking in and out"RocoTime×AUTH"

Entertainment Technology

Comprehensive support for ticketing and management of membership status

  • ・Ticketing System"tike-series"
  • ・One to One Online Streaming"Re-tass LIVE"
  • ・Automatic Typesetting Software"METAWORKS