You get extensive support! Introduction and after-sales support for attendance management system “Times”.

Whenever we consider introducing a new attendance management system, it is obvious to compare functions, costs, and usability, but what we tend to overlook are “introduction support” and “after-sales support”. Even with “Times”, which is said to have smooth linking with the existing attendance management systems, building the environment or master and parameter settings during introduction are crucial. Some system developers of other attendance systems boast a “speedy delivery”, but this often results in incompatibility with company operations, requiring customizations, and it is common to see cases where it ultimately delays main operations.
The biggest feature of Rococo is that we have extensive experience introducing “Times”. After we receive your application, we will analyze employment regulations, wage regulations, as well as any other regulations, and conduct a meeting to discuss necessary functions, operational requirements, and requests. Our schedule from your order to full operational status is based on a standard schedule of approximately three months, but we will build workflows appropriate for individual firms. After master settings, parameter settings, and testing have been conducted, we will conduct operation instructions for managers and test operation, providing thorough support so that you can operate fully without worry.


Further, where we have received positive ratings from inducted companies is in our after-sales support. Support members at Rococo are all “Times” development engineers. Since our helpdesk is manned by staff who are not only versed in functions and databases, but also in attendance management systems overall, our initial reception is speedy, taking less time. In particular, our correspondence with regards to orders about data export are well received. While it is possible to export data in various formats under standard functionality, should you require data exported in a format that is not supported under the standard functionality, then we do offer a service to quickly deliver customized data by writing a script within the scope of conservative support measures.
“Times” is available as a selection between on-premise and cloud service, and can be introduced regardless of industry, business type, or company size. The greatest attraction is its easy-to-use multi-functionality – such as: simple usability; Japanese/English bilingual capabilities as a standard (as a system is capable of supporting additional languages); 36 Agreement management function; and various master history management – but every system requires an appropriate initial setup and operational stabilization. With Rococo’s substantial support that resolves any worries, introduction will certainly complete within the standard period of three months. If you want to know more, such as what “Times” can do, comparisons with other attendance management systems, induction costs or schedules, or data linking/transfer methods, then please get in touch with us from the “Contact us” page in below.

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