Implemented Company: Company Name “C” (Service company)


Reduced the workload of someone who was swamped with inquiries.

Achieved operational streamlining of service desk operators by establishing a correspondence process for inquiries.


The company C, which is developing a variety of services through website, was a company that made decisions for each business and service promptly, so the service desk was operated individually. There were multiple in-house communication tools, and the inquiries correspondence process also varied. Although there are FAQs on the site, they are not used much, and busy system engineers have to correspond.

We decided to introduce "ServiceNow" to unify the flow and the system across the whole company, but we had to start with a framework that system engineers can focus on the development work which is their regular task. Since "ServiceNow" specialists needed to propose after understanding the organization of the company, Rococo assigned experienced engineers. The engineers worked closely with the project by supporting from organizing internal work and creating a road map.


Installed functions include incident management, knowledge management, service portal. We designed sites, functions and processes to complete the task at the service desk as much as possible by dividing what we can do on the Web site, what we need to do at the service desk, what we should escalate to the people in charge of the project.

First of all, we set up a support desk in one department, and we build a business flow that system engineers do not have to deal directly with. Speed was required for customizing "ServiceNow", on-site staff accepted orders on a daily basis and proceeded with development. Eventually, we introduced a system that guides users from the business site to the service portal (= "ServiceNow") and solves it smoothly with a single flow.


The rate at which the task completes at service desk dramatically improved by establishing an inquiry-compliant process. Besides, the reason why the operation efficiency of the service desk operator was able to be improved was the effect unique to "ServiceNow" which the management function is enrich. We succeeded in reducing the number of inquiries by self-resolution by customizing the service portal as users can search for solutions published on the site before they enter the contents of inquiries.

The initial objective, reducing the burden on development staff and improvement of service desk task was improved, and have a good prospect of applying accumulate knowledge and mechanism to other projects.
On-site staff remains in the project, and planning & development are in process for the objective of companywide installation.

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