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Conference subject posting service using our automatic typesetting solution

Typesetting processing or layout processing just before deadlines became smoother, streamlining operations.


  • The typesetting engine previously used was very stable and operated for consecutive 4 years.
  • However, the problem remains in terms of performance, and when posts are concentrated close to the deadline at a large academic event, stagnation of type-setting processing has occurred.
  • Occasionally, it took 30 minutes to 1 hour from posting to completion of automatic type setting.
  • Due to a dedicated typesetting engine, it was difficult to educate operators for reaching a certain level of DTP operation.


We selected the Rococo proprietary development package product compatible with Adobe InDesign which is the de facto standard of the DTP industry. With "METAWORKS" and Adobe InDesign, we built an automatic typesetting system using WEB. By inputting the manuscript into the web browser, it is possible to calibrate the formatting result in real time, realizing reduction of complicated proofreading work. With UI that allows intuitive operation of "METAWORKS", even if operators do not have specialized program knowledge, they can set up automatic typesetting by using various general-purpose functions. Regarding the setting, specialist staff conducts education on-site.


The greatest effect was elimination of retention of typesetting processing near the deadline. By using "METAWORKS" automatic formatting software compatible with Adobe InDesign which is the de facto standard, it became easy to modify the layout.
It was also a big change to made it easier to maintain and manage by separating tasks on the WEB side at the front and the InDesign side at the back end. The processing speed has been shortened to about 1/4 to 1/6 as compared with the previous system, and we will continue the repair of the subject posting system in the future.

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