Four merits of introducing “ServiceNow” according to developers

Four merits of introducing “ServiceNow” according to developers

“The systems or tools being used are really disparate across departments causing inefficiency”
“Inquiry correspondence work has many points of contact and is complicated”, “I want to increase the speed of service per client but the structure won’t allow it”


Regardless of online or in real life, we frequently hear that such issues exist with regards to client service operations.


It is a fact that the more products or services a firm has deployed, the more cases there are where each department has advanced in individual optimization/personalization owing to continuously designing their service flows, and increasing labor or response times.


Under such circumstances, if you try to resolve each issue separately, the more tasks add up, not leading to a fundamental resolution.
If you want to see operational streamlining or speed up, then the shortcut is actually to revise the entire structure.


The majority of firms introducing “ServiceNow” a cloud service supporting overall optimization and continuous improvement to IT services recognize that without switching to an appropriate system it is not possible to improve business quality or speed.
There are three merits to shifting to “ServiceNow”: “You can unify tools”, “you can standardize workflow”, and “you can simplify/automate each task”.
Once an inquiry arrives either through the website or over the phone, it is connected to the department in charge, you check if the product is in stock, then you respond to the client, followed by recording in your correspondence history…
It is not uncommon where the correspondence know-how based on the experiences and decisions of the individual in charge is accumulated in such a workflow. By introducing “ServiceNow”, it becomes possible to unify personalized operations into an appropriate flow following best practices by standardizing tools and operational processes.
In Firm A, where client correspondence flow has branched into several tens of types, after introduction was able to obtain results such as simplifying them into a single digit, eradicated trouble, reduced the number of operators, and reduced workload during handovers.


Another merit of “ServiceNow” that we’d like to bring up is, “ease of introduction”.
Since it is a SaaS-type cloud service, functionality is prepared as a basic package, and the period to release is, in any event, short.


Furthermore, as an expanded function, module groups loaded with various functions are available in high abundance.
Customization conforming to workflows specific to your company is of course possible.


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