How to reduce man-hours in attendance management operations

We understand that many companies considering newly introducing or reviewing their attendance management systems may be worried about operational complexities. Some potential causes for complexities can be problems to the systems themselves or problems with workflows. It may be that the structure of the attendance management system is complicated, necessitating man-hours for system repairs associated with changes to organizational or personnel regulations. We also often hear about cases where both human resources staff and employees entering attendances are using a system that is not easy to use, thus increasing time on their respective workloads. What is necessary in order to reduce man-hours and costs from attendance management work? First, let’s cover problems with the system.
In many attendance management systems, usability and level of functionality have an inverse relationship. Introduce a multi-functional system, and development and configurations become complex, commonly leading to increased workload for human resources and frontline operations. Having said that, companies that frequently revise personnel systems, or foreign companies where multiple languages have to be supported, functionalities cannot be simply abandoned. In such cases, what becomes important are “development and configurations during introduction are not troublesome”, “the system can handle changes to rules and regulations flexibly and easily”, and “the quality of the introducing-, developing-, and operating-partner is high”. The attendance management system “Times”, introduced and supported by Rococo Co, Ltd, clears these points.
The reason that “Times” can be introduced in a relatively short period of time owes to the fact that various master management or parameter configuration is easy to conduct, that rules and regulations of individual firms can be reflected smoothly in the system, but also that we offer extensive introduction support. The standard schedule from your order to the time that we can go live with the system for full operation is three months. Staff well-versed in the system and labor management will support system configurations after understanding your company regulations in detail, will conduct workshops for managers and test operations, before going live with the system for full operational use. Support after introduction will also be provided by engineers with extensive experience developing “Times”. Since they understand the system and attendance management work, their response to orders are quick, and data export as well as configuration changes accompanying changes to company regulations are all within our standard support package.
Functionality – such as “English compatibility”, “36 Agreement management”, and “history management of new and old organizations” – and simple usability have been received positively. That the system can be used intuitively without loading the manual, is key to resolving the complexity in workflow. Amongst the companies that have already introduced “Times”, there are those that have not only succeeded in streamlining attendance management but company-wide operations by using the project management function in “Times”.


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