Highly rated for its English compatibility and usability, we check the usability and functions of the attendance management system “Times”

Highly rated for its English compatibility and usability, we check the usability and functions of the attendance management system “Times”

“We want to lower the costs of our attendance management system...we want to implement something easier to use…”
Anyone looking to improve their attendance management operations and has looked into what sort of services are available would have been surprised by the amount of services out there. “Can be used immediately”, “punch clock is easy”, “smooth data sharing”, and so on, introductions to many attendance systems list out similar features – indeed, we hear from so many that they do not know which one to chose.


Out of so many attendance management systems, firms that introduced “Times” rate it highly because it accomplishes both multi-functionality and simple operations. Multi-lingual compatible attendance management systems are not numerous, but “Times” is compatible with English language display by default. Simply selecting a language from the pull-down menu during login, allows for instant use. Firms with numerous offices overseas or firms with many foreign employees are pleased with “Times”.
Article 36 management function comes loaded with a variety of functions such as fiscal year setting under the agreement; an alert display when time limit is breached; promotion of special clause application; and real-time awareness of extensions to time limits. “History management of various masters” – such as organizational changes and departmental transfers – is a standard function, and as it is possible to register a priori the destination organization as well as selection of approvers by the employees, loads on managers during handover are reduced.
While it is rich in functions for streamlining attendance management operations, the interface is simple. The screen can be operated intuitively, and daily clocking is done by clicking on the target date and inputting the time. Substitute holidays can be linked to the original holiday shift, allowing for immediate recognition of acquisition status. If there are unapproved data, it will be displayed when the line manager logs on, thus it is designed to prevent overlooking, at the same time making management easy. “Functionalities aimed at employees are simple, so explaining during introduction or corresponding to inquiries didn’t take up so much time” – this is one voice we received. It is appealing that there is a standard function for registering/managing operational workloads for projects, and not just attendance management.


“Times”, with high satisfaction towards its English compatibility and usability, and supporting various employment regulations. Upon using it, you will notice the difference from other services. We can demonstrate its functions on-screen with you, then please get in touch with us from the “Contact us” page in below.

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