Implemented Company: Company Name “B” (Manufacturer)


Globally unified an inquiry correspondence system and flow

Substantially reduced human resources costs across the entire firm, by unifying flow and knowledge management of inquiries coming into individual Japanese/overseas bases.


Although it was decided to establish a global service desk that spanned Japan and overseas, the inquiry flow could not be maintained and it was necessary to unify for both, system and flow. Since they were individually corresponded, the load of the operator was very high, and immediate improvement was required.

"ServiceNow" was chosen because it can manage and operate the service desk function in the same environment and the same flow regardless of domestic or overseas. The most challenging mission was to be able to correspond homogenously regardless of the skill level of the operator when changing the flow.


Among the various functions of "ServiceNow", we utilized "incident management" and "knowledge management" that can search past trend history and trend analysis.

Installed a system that manages web forms corresponding to three languages and e-mails sent from different countries in different languages by a single mechanism.  Installed inquiry and correspondence history data base to “Servicenow” to provide appropriate correspondence.

While unifying the work content and escalation flow of the operator, we developed a program that displays a message “Go to this page for your solution” when user put keywords in the web form on the service site. We implemented this service so that user can solve problems at their side.


With the Installation of "ServiceNow", it was able to utilize the knowledge of inquiries corresponding form which was thoroughly managed by company, that led to constructing unified flow. Human resource cost has drastically reduced by guiding users to the Web and e-mail since it is possible to accept and respond to incidents by Web forms of three languages.

A Web form is automatically generated when an inquiry came by e-mail, and an operator creates a reply with a Web form. Since the entered contents are transmitted by e-mail through the system, "The user who inquired the mail can get answers by replying, and all the operators correspond with the common web form" became a flow. This made it unnecessary to deal with the email individually and realizes reduction of load on operators and homogeneity of services.

By introducing the FAQ search function into the Web form, we succeeded in reducing the number of inquiries, and achieved significant reduction in human resources expenses through Japan and overseas. Customers are satisfied with the speedy response of developers familiar with "ServiceNow". In addition, we are now proposing a mechanism that "users can quickly obtain responses if they choose inquiries from the catalog", and if implemented, it is expected that the burden on both users and operators can be reduced.

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