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Streamlined IT service management

Built an optimal system where all members of the operations group are aware of processes in real time.



Since too many management systems existed due to the optimization toward each customer, it made difficult to achieve both, provision of uniformed service level system and cost control.There was constant problem in the configuration management by human work such as Excel input, and the quickness and accuracy of information acquisition.


■Domain separation■
Define specific processes and policies for each managed object based on overall optimization.

■Single platform adoption■
Development efficiency has been raised and operation waste was eliminated as much as possible by customizing with the same screen, script, workflow using the platform function based on ITILLv 3.

■Configuration management and discovery■
Constructed CMDB for automatically acquiring information on various devices existing on the corporate network.


Used modules include incident management, problem management, change management, release management, configuration management, CMDB, and discovery. In addition to eliminating duplication of orchestration systems and processes, it made possible of the operations group to grasp the progress of the process in real time and to build an optimal system for providing services. The escalation contents are correctly shared among related parties, resolving inconsistency of recognition and communication mistake. In addition, contributed to improve for management review by tying board members and employees with detailed and timely report.

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